New Addition

It’s been more than 6 months that I’ve been computerless. I’m happy to be able to update my blog again.

Here is Azrael. He was born at home, October 6, 3:48am, left foot first.


Happy Etueo

Nesto likes to tell us he’s happy. He also has a name for himself, sounds like,”E-two-o. It’s a combination of two and Nesto. Happy Birthday baby.


When I see my son observing tiny details it’s a thrilling joy. He was watching me eat with chop sticks and then, for the next hour… he insisted on doing the same. Sometimes, one noodle at a time. Where did this little perfectionist come from? Couldn’t be me…seriously.


All I did was take some zip ties and attach jars to our fence. It adds so much color and I like the use of old jars. Simple vases.


Years ago, I found this adorable needlecase in someone’s trash. Can you believe some one threw this away? I still use it and enjoy it and if there’s a time where I don’t want it any longer, I’ll make sure to give it away.

I made a needle wallet for a friend of mine who will be 7 in the fall, but I don’t think it’s a cute as this one.

Belmont Skies

Ernesto got the full emotional spectrum during his joyride over L.A. Eric’s friend, Cole, flew them around for the best view.

Wild Determination

After reading “wild fermentation” I wanted to turn my house into a factory of pickled fermenting delights. This book has easy directions and heaps of info.

So far I’ve managed to make keifer, amazing kombucha (which just seems to
Be getting better) and my latest favorite . Pickled jalepenos! Some day I’ll make own recipe, but for this batch I cheated. I took the left over Bubbies pickle brine and added 8 sliced jalepenos.

Snow Day

We woke up Saturday to see the street covered with snow. I ran around getting all of Nesto’s snow gear… and was certain he was going to be so happy playing outside. Apparently, my enthusiasm didn’t wear off and our outdoor time lasted all of 5 minutes.

So, we just stayed in and made Valentines Day cards. Even Eric made a few and had fun. The supplies are simple, just find what’s laying around your house.
I used:
card stock (8.5×11, cut in half and folded)
colored sheets of paper
glue stick
paper doily
tape (optional)
ruler (optional depending on your personality)

Nesto’s job was to rip and cut the colored paper. He loves cutting scraps of paper. Then we worked together gluing the collage on the card.

A Little Less Frantic

Eric has finally moved on from his last job, which seems great. So far, so good. It’s only been a few days, but I’ve been able to squeeze in some much needed free time.

How do I spend my [free] time? I got to catch up on some projects, have fun at A.I.R. and do a little reading.

I’m starting to get things together for Buffalo’s Small Press Book Fair. It’s only two months away.

Reading: Carefree Clothes for Girls (yep, my reading consists of sewing and cook books)


Cell phones wind up in weird places in our house. The pantry, hidden in covers, lost in a hamper…and sometimes thanks to Nesto, in the recycle bin.

A few months ago there
was this cute birdsnest in the Anthropologie catalog and then it disappeared. So, this is my translation.

Certainly not as cute or clean looking, but will do it’s job.